How To Adopt

How To Adopt
Please fill out the adoption application below and contact us for more information. A BCRO representative will review your application and contact you to discuss finding the right dog for you. Although our application is long, it is important to give us as much information as possible to help make a suitable match for both dog and adopters. 

What Is A Border Collie? 
The “border” in the Border Collie’s name derives from the grazing areas between England and Scotland where this breed was most commonly used. The word “Collie” is thought to have been adapted from the Celtic work “colley”, which means “useful”. Today, Border Collies can be seen in many aspects of life. They are still seen working on farms and doing sheep herding trials. They are fast becoming on of the most popular dogs for the dog sport enthusiast (Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog, Dock Diving, Obedience….) and of course they are still wanted as a family pet. Generally, Border Collies are a highly active medium sized breed. Both mental and physical stimulation are required. They are usually between 19 and 22 inches. Coats can range from smooth, semi rough and rough. Unknown to many, this breed can come in a variety of colours including red/white, tri, blue, tan, merled and the traditional black and white. 

Border Collies In Action!
When we see a well trained Border Collie at work or play they can look like great dogs to have as pets. In a rush to acquire such a dog, too many people overlook the fundamental realities of their natures. These are dogs that have been bred for centuries to be keen and tireless workers. Instincts come ready fixed, Eyeing, Chasing, Herding, Gripping, Dominance and Aggressive Behavior.  Border Collies will react mentally and physically with incredible speed.  If you are thinking of adding this wonderful breed into your life it is important to be aware of the time, effort, energy, insight and commitment it takes to make it a success. With more thought, and better advice, one can appreciate that a dog bred to work miles, tirelessly herd livestock, think and react sharply will not always slip effortlessly into the role of a quiet and undemanding pet just because that is what we want now.

Border Collies in Rescue.  
Un  wanted Border Collies are becoming a ever increasing problem. Invariably, they are given up because their herding instinct, left untrained and un-diverted, ultimately leads to destructive tendencies.  A large proportion of the dogs are given up because they have bitten someone, almost inevitably a child. The herding instinct, if strong, is overwhelmingly incompatible with a household containing children. If a Border Collie is sold to a family that wants it primarily as the family pet, then it is imperative that both the adult owners and their children are trained or educated in how to deal with the peculiarities of the herding instinct. It is important to remember that most people have no idea what the true 'function' of a Border Collie is and because they look like any other 'normal' dog, people treat them as such.  There are countless number of pet owners that have the misperception that Border Collies are just like labradors or Golden Retrievers, with the only difference being size, shape and color.  
The majority of our other dogs are turned in because they are hyper and far to difficult to handle.  Most people are either not willing, prepared, or able to put in the large time commitment it takes to adequately exercise and train a Border Collie.  Placed in the proper, active environment, the dogs can turn out to be wonderfully behaved and well-adapted but they need something to do.

Are you Ready???....
Many peple are now considering a Border Collie as a potential new pet.  As a general rule, Border Collies are not a good pet for a typical pet owner.  Be sure you know what you are getting into before you buy or adopt a Border Collie.  Please research the breed before you go out and get one for a pet.  If after you research about the breed you decide that a Border Collie is the right dog for you, we may be able to match you up with a rescue Border Collie that really needs a home.