Please Note - We always have adoptable dogs but do not adopt on a first come basis.  If you would like to be considered or matched with a dog in our foster program please fill out a adoption application.   

All of our adult dogs are neutered/spayed and up to date with their shots. All dogs are crate/house trained unless stated otherwise. We only consider homes with children 10 years and older.

1. BCRO Zac

Bio by foster parent: Zak is a 2 year old male. He loves his people and is the cuddliest boy however, is cautious (rightly so) with new people and dogs. With proper introductions he will get along with most dogs and people. Zak does prefer a quieter home life with space and time to feel safe and free. He enjoys disc a lot and has entered his first disc competition and won SECOND PLACE!!!! In general, Zac needs a bit more support than most dogs. We are looking for an experienced and active person or couple who is committed to providing Zac with lots of daily exercise and mental stimulation and who will continue to train him and help him build his confidence. A sports home would be a plus! If you think you have what it takes to set Zac up for success, please fill in an application and we can fill you in on all things Zak!


2. BCRO Piper

Piper - Disc Video

Piper - Agility Video

Bio by foster parent: Piper is a small 2 year old female. She absolutely loves to work and learn through positive reinforcement. Currently, she is learning agility and disc, and through these sports we've learned that she only knows one speed…fast! Piper never gives up and will give you her all, she is affectionate and gentle. Like all of the dogs in our rescue program, she has some quirks but if you are interested in a dog who needs and will excel at a job if given time, love and patience, please fill in an application and more detailed information will be shared.

NO KIDS Adult home only, preference given to home currently active in dog sports.


3. BCRO Curly

Curly - Disc Video

Curly - Hoopers Video

From the foster parent: Curly is a 2 year old male. He loves his people very much, all he wants to do is hang out with them all day. He is a soft and sensitive soul and will require lots of time to adjust to his new family and life as he will miss his foster home very much. Once you've gained his trust, you'll see that he wants nothing more than for you to pet him and tell him what a good boy he is. Curly has been introduced to agility, disc and hoopers. He seems to enjoy the latter two more. Like all of the dogs in our rescue program, he has some soft spots but if you are interested in a dog who needs nothing but your love and praise, cookies and more cookies, please fill in an application and more detailed information will be shared.

NO Kids , Adult home only.


4. BCRO Tate (TATE is currently NOT available for adoption as he is being worked with in foster care)
Tate is a new foster (Oct. 2023) so we are still learning about him. He is a 6-7 month old border collie. More to come as our foster parents learn about him.

5. BCRO Bounce

Bounce is also new to our Foster program (Oct. 2023). She is a 2 year old sport mix, less than 25 lbs, about 16.5 inches at the withers with a lot of sass, energy and drive. She is a busy little bee. From what we've observed so far, she might require slow introductions to new dogs but that could be just a result of leaving her home of 2 years and being in new situations without her original family. She definitely is a people dog that is for sure, she loves all people and will BOUNCE multiple times to give you some lovin'. Bounce is very smart, has lots of drive and will probably do well in sports. We will update this information as she settles and feels more comfortable in our care.


6. BRCO Jayce

Jayce entered our foster program in Dec. 2023. He was a stray and was headed for an untimely end until we were contacted. So far, he is just the sweetest boy. We will update with more information as we get to know him.

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